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Month: March 2019

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New Rules of IRCTC for New India!!

A great news for every Indian who travels by train. Now IRCTC has twisted its rules for the comfort of the passenger. The recent development in the rules of IRCTC has brought great relief to the passengers. According to the new rules now the passenger can change the train’s boarding point prior to preparation of

What is the difference between Blog posts and Articles???

Whenever you are surfing the internet regarding a thing or item like a laptop, etc. you will often see a lot of Articles and Blogs regarding it. There is often an ambiguity among readers as to which is a blog and an Article so in this Blog I will be telling few key differences to

Tourist Destination

Visit Punjab, See the beauty of nature as well as a rich culture!!

Here you will find the beauty as well as the rich cultural heritage of India.  For this land of the great gurus not only boasts of ancient monuments but throbs with historical embodiments. The beautiful scenario of the land of yellow fields with blue mountains provides the ideal romantic and picturesque backdrop which leaves a tourist spell

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Blogs are important for building positive rankings for your top keywords in the SERPS, but content marketing has a much wider scope than simply producing a regular written blog. In fact, it refers to any information that is presented to an audience outside your company. Here’s a short list you can use to consider the