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New Rules of IRCTC for New India!!

A great news for every Indian who travels by train. Now IRCTC has twisted its rules for the comfort of the passenger.

The recent development in the rules of IRCTC has brought great relief to the passengers. According to the new rules now the passenger can change the train’s boarding point prior to preparation of the first passenger chart i.e., four hours before the departure time of the train.

 Besides the tickets reserved under the general quota, even the tatkal ticket holders will be able to change their train boarding point.

This new rule has brought a sense of relief to the passenger who earlier may be unable to board the train from its starting point due to some emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

Now the passenger having a hard copy of the tickets can change their boarding station by writing a request to the originating station of the train. While, passengers having e-tickets can change their boarding station via the IRCTC website before the first chart is prepared.

Another method is by dialling 139, four hours before the preparation of the first chart, a passenger can request for passenger boarding point. Also, a passenger can still travel with his/her old boarding pass without paying any additional cost.

In there end I would highlight the main points of the new rules to introduced by or before May 1.

  • Passengers can change their boarding point four hours before departure time.
  • A boarding point change request has to be placed via IRCTC or at boarding station or by dialling 139.
  • Contrary to the previous policy, now, the passenger will be allowed to travel from the old boarding location provided the berth is vacant.
  • Passengers are allowed to change boarding point only once.

By introducing this change it has bought relief to the commutators who are in marketing field as well as those who stay away from their places in metros for job purpose and found it difficult to board train during festive season.

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